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SADAD & Government Payment

  • Step 1

    Insert ATM card

  • Step 2

    Choose your language

  • Step 3

    Enter the 4- digits secret Pin number. Then Press ACCEPT.

  • Step 4

    Press “Bills Payment”

  • Step 5

    Press “ YES” button to select receipt printing

  • Step 6

    Press/ Select Biller

  • Step 7

    Press “NO” to finish transaction

  • Step 8

    Please do not forget to pull out your ATM Card from the machine.

  • Step 9

    Please don’t forget to get your receipt from the machine.

The easiest and most guaranteed way to transfer money to your country.

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  • Will the beneficiary pay any amount of money to receive my transfer?

    ​No – The fee you pay to Quick Pay will cover the transfer. The beneficiary will get the exact amount you have sent in any of Quick Pay's partners. 

  • How will the beneficiary know if the money is available in the Remittance Membership or for pick up?

    Normally, it is the responsibility of the sender to inform the beneficiary that a transaction has been performed in the beneficiaries favor. However, some beneficiary banks send an SMS to the beneficiary to inform them of the availability of the money.

  • How will the sender know if the money has been delivered to the beneficiary?

    ​Once the beneficiary bank confirms delivery of money to the beneficiary in the Quick Pay system, an SMS will be sent to the Sender informing him that the money has been delivered. (the SMS feature requires activation by calling 920000330) The sender can also check the status of his transaction via phone banking or by logging in Alahli Online or Alahli Mobile. 

  • Cash Pick-up Codes
    Quick Pay Cash Pick-up code starts with "QPAY" followed by 12 digits. It is also the transaction reference number.​​

    MoneyGram Pick-up code is 8 digits