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Registration & Beneficiary EnrollmentRegistration & Beneficiary Enrollment

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  • Can an SNB Remittance Membership holder use the QuickPay service without registering first?

    ​No - An SNB Remittance Membership​ holder must register as a sender and enroll his/her beneficiary details by calling 920000330, or by registering in the service via the Alahli Online.

  • Can an SNB Remittance Membership holder register in the Quick Pay service at the QuickPay centre?

    ​Yes – All Quick Pay Centers can activate the Quick Pay service and Add beneficiaries for SNB customers.

  • Can I register multiple beneficiaries located in different countries?

    ​Yes – However, SNB recommends that beneficiaries enrolled in the system should be personally known to the sender.

  • Can I register the same name on different delivery methods?


  • Can I complete the Quick Pay Sender Registration and Beneficiary enrollment forms in Alahli Online using the Arabic Language Characters?

    No – All forms​​​ should be completed using the English Characters.

  • I do not know how to translate the Arabic information into English, what should I do?

    ​Call 920000330 using your phone banking registered number. Quick Pay has multi language speaking staff that can assist you, or

    Go to the nearest Quick Pay Center and request one of the Customer Service representatives to assist you ​

  • How do I enroll additional beneficiaries?

    ​You can add beneficiaries by calling 920000330, via Alahli Online, via the Alahli Mobile or via the Quick Pay Centers.

  • Why is it important to validate the correctness of details entered in the registration and enrollment forms?

    The information you provide the QuickPay call centre agents or Customer Service Representatives will be the basis for all your remittance transactions. If there are errors in the information that you provide, your transaction can be subject to delays or rejection by the beneficiary bank.

  • Can an SNB Remittance Membership holder open a Quick Pay Remittance Membership ?

    ​No – it is not necessary. The Quick Pay Service can be accessed using the Remittance Membership​ through SNB ATMs, Alahli Online, Alahli Mobile and Alahli Phone Banking.

  • Can anyone open a Quick Pay Remittance Membership ?

    Yes - The very basic requirement to open a Quick Pay Remittance Membership​ is a Valid Iqama.

Sending MoneySending Money

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  • Can I send money using my SNB Current Remittance Membership ATM Card?

    Yes – Once you register in the Quick Pay System, your SNB ATM card can be used to send money via Quick Pay.

  • Can I send money using the SNB ATMs outside of the Quick Pay Centers?

    Yes – You can use any of the more than 2000 SNB ATMs around the Kingdom.

  • Can I send money using the ATMs of other Banks?


  • How can I send money if I do not have an Remittance Membership?

    Go to any Quick Pay Center to open a Quick Pay Remittance Membership​. It is Free and No Balance is required. You can use this ATM card for sending money and other services of SNB.

  • There is no ATM near my house or work place and my work hours do not permit me to send money during business hours of the bank?

    If you are a Remittance Membership​ holder, you can send money using the Phone banking or Alahli Online or Alahli Mobile anytime. You can ask for assistance to activate phone banking and Alahli Online by calling 920001000, 920000330 or visiting any SNB Branch.

  • My work brings me all over and outside of the Kingdom. Can I use Quick Pay even if I am outside of the Kingdom or far away from a Quick Pay Center

    Yes – You can send money anywhere you are using the Alahli Online, Alahli Mobile and the phone banking. For international calls, to reach the Quick Pay System please dial +966 1476 1360 on the other hand for local calls please dial 920000330.

  • How much money can I send per transaction?

    ​If you are a Remittance Membership​ holder, you are allowed to send a total of SAR100,000 per month. This can be for one transaction or a combination of multiple transactions provided that the receiving country's transaction amount limit is also followed. In some countries, the limit for receiving money is USD10,000 per transaction or its local currency equivalent. To know the exact country limits please contact 920000330. 

  • What is the Exchange Rate?

    The exchange rate varies from one country to another, and it changes at least once daily. To get the exact rate before performing a transaction, call 920000330 or check in the ATM or Alahli Online or Alahli Mobile.

  • How will I know if the transaction that I have performed is complete?

    The Quick Pay system via the ATM, Alahli Online, Alahli Mobile or Phone Banking will provide you with a confirmation response that your transaction is successful and a transaction reference number which starts with QPAY(12 digits) will be given to you in receipt form or by voice prompt in case the tra​​nsaction is done thru phone banking. You will also receive an SMS message confirming the transaction.

  • What do I do if I fail to get the transaction reference number or I lose my transaction receipt?

    ​You can print your transaction receipt in the Alahli Online or call the 920000330 to listen to a voice prompt in the phone banking system the 7 last transaction reference numbers. 

Receiving MoneyReceiving Money

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  • Will the beneficiary pay any amount of money to receive my transfer?

    ​No – The fee you pay to Quick Pay will cover the transfer. The beneficiary will get the exact amount you have sent in any of Quick Pay's partners. 

  • How will the beneficiary know if the money is available in the Remittance Membership or for pick up?

    Normally, it is the responsibility of the sender to inform the beneficiary that a transaction has been performed in the beneficiaries favor. However, some beneficiary banks send an SMS to the beneficiary to inform them of the availability of the money.

  • How will the sender know if the money has been delivered to the beneficiary?

    ​Once the beneficiary bank confirms delivery of money to the beneficiary in the Quick Pay system, an SMS will be sent to the Sender informing him that the money has been delivered. (the SMS feature requires activation by calling 920000330) The sender can also check the status of his transaction via phone banking or by logging in Alahli Online or Alahli Mobile. 

  • Cash Pick-up Codes
    Quick Pay Cash Pick-up code starts with "QPAY" followed by 12 digits. It is also the transaction reference number.​​

    MoneyGram Pick-up code is 8 digits